Goat’s Cheese and Onion Tart

Those who know me, know that I have an addiction to cheese. They also know that despite loving cheese I am not keen in the slightest on Goat’s cheese (blasphemy I know)! However, a little while ago a friend of mine said ‘trust me Gab, you’ll love this’. And because I am convinced that I will one day be able to train myself to love goat’s cheese equally, I gave it a go and she was surprisingly right.

Being a lazy Sunday afternoon at home alone while the husband is at the cricket and for the first time in I can’t remember how long where I actually have nothing to do, I decided to give this recipe a go knowing that I had some left over marinated Meredith goat’s cheese in the fridge from a party and a random solo bit of filo pastry in the freezer…



Serves 1-2




One sheet of filo pastry . Olive oil marinated Goat’s cheese . Handful of cherry tomatoes . One egg yolk . One large red onion .  One clove of garlic . 2 tbls of balsamic vinegar . 1 tbls of brown sugar . Olive oil . Sprigs of thyme and sage . Salt + Pepper




Preheat oven to 180 degrees C

While the oven is heating up, in a heavy bottomed pan, throw in the sliced red onion and the thinly sliced clove of garlic with a good glug of olive oil. Cook for 15-20 mins on med-high heat and stir frequently to make sure it doesn’t stick. Once the onion and garlic are nice and soft, add the balsamic, sugar and a pinch of salt and turn down the heat to low, stirring frequently for another 15 mins.

Once the onion is all done, put aside and lay your sheet of filo on some baking paper on a flat oven pan. Cut to your desired size (mine was about 20cm x 20cm).

Score a 1 1/2 cm border around the edges (careful not to cut through the filo) and with a folk inside the centre of the border, pierce the filo a few times to help with the cooking. Then with your egg yolk (mix in a small splash of milk) evenly apply to the border section of the pastry.

Keeping in the border, then fill the centre with your onion mixture, a layer of sliced cherry tomatoes, a layer of crumbled goats cheese, a good sprinkle of salt and pepper and some of your thyme and sage (leaving some for garnishing).

Bang that baby in the oven for 15 mins pour yourself a glass of chilled Riesling and you will have yourself a very yummy Sunday afternoon bite! Try serving it between two with a side of green salad and a sweet honey mustard dressing.

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Lunch for two

We have locked in a date for a section of fence under our pergola area to be replaced. As beautiful as it is in photographs, it really is an eyesore. So to farewell our run down buttercup coloured old corrugated fence, we took a break from pottering around in the garden, I picked some flowers and set the table while Jarrod got a quick garden salad ready with some crusty bread and we had a lovely little lunch.



simple entertaining

Over time I want to start putting together a range of easy entertaining table settings. A lot of people still think that making a table look good is too much effort, but really, it doesn’t need to be! This one took me 10 minutes to put together!

We have a little lopsided gum tree right outside the front of our home, and my poor 6’4 husband keeps getting a mouthful of leaves every time he walks through the gate. I finally found the time today to get up on my little foot stool and cut back the low lying branches and dropped them into a basket as I went so I wouldn’t need to do too many trips to the green waste bin! When I had gathered everything together, it struck me that rather than throwing all this amazing smelling Eucalyptus away, I could use it to decorate the table for lunch.

I grabbed some pieces of earthernware I’ve been collecting (you can find these this thrift shops from $2) filling a couple with small bunches of eucalyptus and laid them out on a white table runner from IKEA. I then set the table with my favourite Villeroy and Boch plates and bowls paired with my family antique cutlery (this would look just as great with normal silverware). See simple. Nothing to it really!

A perfect simple summer setting for a few friends, a nice chilled bottle of Clare Valley riesling and a light lunch of pear, walnut and rocket salad, lemon roast chicken and potato gratin.











the week that was

Yesterday marked the end of the fabulous #7vignettes challenge held by Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict. She really has created a wonderful monster here! So I thought I would finish the week (start the weekend) with a few of the images I took…


Day 1. Book
Day 2. Texture
Day 3. Love
Day 4. Shiny
Day 5. Cushions
Day 6. Old
Day 7. Pattern

I went a bit crazy with this challenge and took a WHOLE bunch more photos which you can flick through over  HERE

7 vignettes

Jen Bishop over at Interiors Addict, has developed a great little concept for a monthly instagram challenge. 7Vignettes, is about creating 7 vignettes in 7 days, each day having a different theme, and at the end of the week they are all judged by Jen and a guest judge (you can win a little prize). This month’s guest judge is Steve Cordony, Designer, event stylist and interiors editor for Belle Magazine (this man is all kinds of amazing really)!

It’s a little bit of fun and gives you a good excuse to get that creative side of your brain working. So if you have instagram (and if you don’t, get it) search for jenbishop_interiorsaddict and join in! Today is books! Here are a couple of my entries (yes I am excited have have made a few entries today).




cheese and cocktails

It’s summer and we have not yet had a little ‘shindig’ at ours. This is just not right! So I have made the decision to have a few folks over for cheese tasting paired with cocktails. I love the sound of this pear, rosemary and lemongrass cocktail with a bit of earthy brie. Or maybe this elderflower champagne cocktail with a crumbly cheddar.

Beautiful cheese images from Herriott Grace

Simple Young Love

Mid last year (yep, this is how behind I am on my blogging), I brought together some of the best wedding folk in the Adelaide industry to do a photo shoot for Polka Dot Bride.

The intention behind the shoot was to work collaboratively with a group of like-minded vendors from the concept design stage to create a wedding that everyday couple could relate to. With weddings today getting more detailed, elaborate (and expensive), we wanted to pare it all back, everything about this shoot was to be beautifully simple and relaxed and to portray a small intimate wedding that anyone could easily achieve no matter the budget.

With a pinterest inspiration board at hand, we all explored this shoot with less of a focus on a particular ‘theme’ (vintage/rustic/classic), but rather tried to bring together a style and concept that unfolded from a range of textures and hues that we all collected. Think aging timbers, worn leather, vintage silver, natural linens, knits and fur.

Now…I have spent a really really long time trying to narrow down my top images to make this post short and sweet, but I just love EVERY single photo, so you will have to exercise that scroll button because this post is FULL of images!

Some of my favourite elements from the day were; the gold detailing on the bride’s vintage gown, the engagement ring the colour of the bride’s fiery red hair, the slightly tarnished silver cutlery (a family heirloom of mine), the wild yet delicate nature of the flowers, the warmth of the hearty winter food, the subtle moody light, the simplicity of the stationery and the relaxed and fun nature of everyone involved.

Thank you to:

Shona Henderson for the perfect Photography / Sally from Poppies for the most incredible and wild flowers / Alicia from Akimbo for the beautiful Stationery / Kara at the Vintage Bride Boutique for your amazing  job on the hair, make up and fashion styling / The talented and tasty folk at Instyle Catering / and last but no way least, my good friend Lucy for being my right hand gal!

a crown of flowers

I love floral crowns. I know they have been done to death recently, but they really brighten my day. A mix of floral design, fashion and art really. So I thought I would share some of my favourite floral crown designs. Next week a little shoot I did will be published on Polka Dot Bride which has an incredible floral crown by Poppies Flowers.

Credits: here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here

An Aussie Christmas

Yesterday was a big (but extremely rewarding) day! A few weeks ago MAEVE an online magazine put the call out for stylists to design a Christmas table setting for their upcoming issue in which I of course grabbed the opportunity and put my hand up. I knew immediately what I wanted to do – a take on the Aussie Christmas done in a simple modern tone – and first thing was first I set out to get a pinterest inspiration board set up here . I have to admit, I knew even before I had taken the gig who I wanted the photographer to be on this one. These images needed to be crisp and full of light, so Dan from Eon Images who I worked on the Entwined shoot with was perfect for this.

The location we chose was a spot along the Port river in Port Adelaide which has a great deck and views of along the river.  And although the perfect scene was set with a magnificent summer day, the heat and sun did become a hindrance at times. There was a delay in the set up due to the heat and we had to shoot in between the sun coming out of the clouds in order not to have harsh shadows. Despite this, it all turned out perfectly and was quite a relaxing shoot. I think I may have even gotten a slight tan!

Thank you to everyone involved, it was a great day and I cannot wait for it to be published in MAEVE magazine and see all the photos!


I have a new obsession with white that is slowly getting out of control. I think what I like about white so much is that it can be translated into so many different styles; vintage, modern, minimalism, rustic, beachy, country… It’s such an easy shade to work with. I also love  that white isn’t just one shade, it’s hundreds! And each shade has it’s own unique feel to it and changes in different lights and spaces.

image credits: 1. here, 2. here, 3. here, 4. here, 5. source unknown, 6. here, 7. here, 8. here, 9. source unknown, 10. here